Some of my favorite short films I have (co) written and/or (co) produced.

DUDS - A Fiddle Faddle Fable

My first quadruple threat.

I wrote, directed, produced and even had a 'blink and you'll miss it' part in the film.

This was an experimental piece. We wanted to  see if we could emulate a Chapin-style film, and make it work A HUNDRED YEARS LATER.

We tried to be true to the 1920s style of filming. We used 21st century equipment, but 'golden age of cinema' effects such as matte painting, miniatures, splicing, split screens and double exposure.

We filmed on tripods whenever possible (no hand held in 1920). We didn't use any zoom lenses and minimal tilts and pans.


Shaken Identity

The first short film that I entirely wrote and produced.

We had the honor of shooting in and around  the Downtown Grand Casino for three days, giving this film an awesome production value compared to its budget.

Directed by Evan Zissimopulos


Co-written (with Jamie Parslow and Frankie Bifulco) and co-produced (by Litewave Media). This is one of my favorite short films.

Shot in 48 hours for the 48 Hour Film Contest, we filmed this at our Friend Steve's company, (during a hurricane, no less).


Star Gump

Also co-written (a group of us) and co-prodcued (by Litewave Media) for the 48 Hour Film Contest.  

Our task was to make a redux of either Star Wars or Forrest Gump. What can we say, we were overachievers and did both!

One of my favorite location finds. We walked into a Florida bar in full costume and asked if we could film there if our cast and crew of 15 each bought a beer. The owner agreed, and boom! Instant cantina scene.


Man-Eating Hatchlings of Galvax-7

Probably our most unique film. Also for another film contest. We were given the genre B-Movie (and 48 hours), and boy did we run with that!

Along with crazy costumes, makeup and sets (including a repurposed set built at Litewave Studios—SO much aluminum foil—the script had to be deliciously crazy...and bad.

This was also filmed the weekend I met my wife, so it has a strangely romantic place in my heart.