Plume Raiders Concept Art Shoot

Photo by Kris Mayeshiro - KM2Creative


Jeff, the

Commercials, shorts, feature films - I've been writing since 2000.

(I've actually been writing since I was 6. If anyone is interested, I have a gripping story regarding a bunny and a carrot, that is available for option.)

Jeff, the

I've produced* over a dozen indie short films, and an independent feature film, Jules Dongu Saves the World.

(* Producing includes dozens of acting roles, including voice-overs for an alien, a unicorn, and a bottle of vodka, and working in every department from crafty to G&E. Ah, the wonders of indie film!)

Jeff, the
Production Designer

I have scouted locations, built and designed sets, and created props and costumes.

(I've also begged, borrowed, and bartered my way onto TWO working steam trains, a Vegas casino, and even Liberace's Mansion!)

Jeff, the
Graphic Designer

I own Type Monkeys Graphic Design.

(It's your typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday office job, except I don't have an office, every day is casual Friday, and I'm more likely to be working at 9pm than 9am.)




Plume Raiders, made top 10% in NIcholl, was 1 of 10 runners-up in  Scriptapalooza (out of approx. 4,000 entries), and was a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival.

Cracked Aces placed 3rd overall in Scriptapalooza, made Top 10 in the Stage 32 Comedy Writing Contest and was a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival.

(2024) The Beautiful Brain of Billy Bendecito, in which I was production designer, is currently in post-production.

Let's work together!

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with me today! I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Zampino, Las Vegas, NV

Cell: 702.533.0588 •