Plume Raiders Concept Art Shoot

Photo by Kris Mayeshiro - KM2Creative


Jeff, the

Commercials, shorts, feature films - I've been writing since 2000.

(I've actually been writing since I was 6. If anyone is interested, I have a gripping story regarding a bunny and a carrot, that is available for option.)

Jeff, the

I've produced* over a dozen indie short films, and an independent feature film, Jules Dongu Saves the World.

(* Producing includes dozens of acting roles, including voice-overs for an alien, a unicorn, and a bottle of vodka, and working in every department from crafty to G&E. Ah, the wonders of indie film!)

Jeff, the
Production Designer

I have scouted locations, built and designed sets, and created props and costumes.

(I've also begged, borrowed, and bartered my way onto TWO working steam trains, a Vegas casino, and even Liberace's Mansion!)fc700

Jeff, the
Graphic Designer

I own Type Monkeys Graphic Design.

(It's your typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday office job, except I don't have an office, every day is casual Friday, and I'm more likely to be working at 9pm than 9am.)




My feature script Cracked Aces came in 3rd Place overall in the 2020 Scriptapalooza Contest, and made Top 10 in the 2020 Stage 32 Comedy Writing Contest.

Take Out Girl, a crime drama set in Los Angeles, in which I was co-production designer, is currently playing in festivals across the country. It has won Best Director at American Black Film Festival and Best Narrative in Bentonville (Geena Davis' festival.).

I just finished the festival circuit for my short film, DUDS - A Fiddle Faddle Fable.

Let's work together!

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with me today! I look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Zampino, Las Vegas, NV

Cell: 702.533.0588