Below are the loglines for my feature scripts. I write mostly comedy, or comedy/genre mashups.
Scripts and/or synopses available upon request.
I am also happy to discuss ghostwriting or co-writing opportunities.



(Heist Comedy) After he accidentally defeats a mobster’s spoiled daughter in a high-stakes tournament, a lone-wolf poker player must go all-in with a fiery brothel madam, a septuagenarian showgirl, and an unhinged Girl Scout in a madcap gamble to win back his life.

  • 2022 Austin Second Rounder
  • 2020 3rd Place Overall - Scriptapalooza 
  • 2020 Top 10 - Stage 32 Comedy Writing Contest
Plume Raiders Costumes - Photo by Kris Mayeshiro, KM2 Creative
Plume Raiders Costumes - Photo by Kris Mayeshiro, KM2 Creative

(Period Comedy) After the Titanic sinks with a fortune in exotic feathers aboard, a dishonored British soldier, a scrappy ornithologist, and an eccentric haberdasher are hired to steal a flock of ostriches from a band of pirates. Indiana Jones on helium. 

  • 2023 Top 10% - Nicholl
  • 2022 Runner Up (1 of 10) - Scriptapalooza
  • 2022 Austin Second Rounder

(Sci-Fi Comedy) Kansas, 1925.

Rendered indestructible after a bizarre accident, a milquetoast mailman becomes an unwilling soldier in a battle against a mad scientist bent on world domination.

Slim sexy woman in a red dress dancing on a pylon

(Female-led Buddy Comedy) After a hotheaded exotic dancer and a fierce drag queen witness a botched drug deal, they flee to Iceland where a viking-esque fireman and a gaggle of Nordic women help them turn the tables on the vengeful criminals.


(Adult Ensemble Comedy) A convoy of oddball truckers puts the pedal to the metal from LA to NY to deliver this holiday’s must-have toy while dodging a bevy of bumbling bandits intent on swiping their precious cargo.