Stealing Poseidon – Writer
When a crackerjack poker player accidentally defeats a Russian mobster’s daughter in a fixed tournament, he joins forces with a brothel madam, a geriatric burlesque dancer, and a foulmouthed Girl Scout to win back his life.
(If the Coen brothers made a Rounders/Ocean’s 11 smoothie.)

      • Scriptapalooza 2017 Semi-Finalist
      • Las Vegas Screenplay Contest Finalist


Mortimer McGee and the Mega-Mayhem Machine – Writer
When a milquetoast postal worker in 1900s Wichita stumbles on a machine of unimaginable power, he bands together with the inventor’s granddaughter to thwart a mad scientist bent on world domination.
(Wizard of Oz meets Terminator.)

Polarity – Writer
When a quick-tempered Vegas exotic dancer witnesses a back alley mob hit, she flees to remote Iceland, where she opens a pole fitness studio – much to the chagrin of her new neighbors.
(Sister Act meets Showgirls. In Iceland.)

To See the Elephants – Writer
When an unloved child accidentally finds a magical circus tent complete with performers, he runs to the tent and to his new destiny.



Jules Dongu Saves the World (2013)
Associate Producer and Voice-over/Character Actor

When Jules Dongu (the world’s most famous Anime Voice Actor) gets too big for his fame, his friends, fans, and true love abandon him. With Squirrelly, his only and best friend, still by his side, Dongu must become the hero he portrays in his movies to defeat the infamous Anime movie director, Stephen Semen, who has concocted a diabolical plot to brainwash the world!


Shaken Identity (2017)
Writer/Producer and Costumes/Locations
      • 2017 Gasparilla Film Festival
      • 2017 Shortz! Film Festival
      • 2017 Hamilton International Film Festival

Skyship Chronicles (2015)
Writer/Producer and Costumes/Locations
      • 2015 Winner – Audience Selection – Gasparilla Film Festival
      • 2015 Geekfest Official Selection
      • 2015 Sunscreen Film Festival – Official Selection
      • 2015 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival – Official Selection
      • 2015 Innovative Film Festival (Best Cinematography) – Official Selection

Man-Eating Hatchlings of Galvax-7 (2013)
Writer/Producer and Costumes/Locations
      • 2013 Tampa/St. Pete 48 Hour Film Challenge Audience Choice

      • 2012 Tampa/St. Pete 48 Hour Film Challenge Winner


Owner – Type Monkeys Graphic Design and Corporate Video

Co-owner –  Litewave Studios (Tampa, FL) 2013-2016
      • Writer/prodcuer for various commercials
      • Set designer, script supervisor for various productions.